World Vegetarian Day has been celebrated since 1977:

To celebrate, I cooked up a giant batch of woodsy wild mushroom soup, recipe courtesy of rebar modernfood in Victoria, BC: Can’t post the recipe (copyright) but the cookbook’s worth picking up anyway.

Decided to use sherry instead of wine (so much better with mushrooms). Wasn’t sure if I had enough, so on the way home from work, stopped at my local cold beer and wine store. Couldn’t find any sherry on the shelf, so asked an employee for help. She said, “uh, yeah… we don’t really carry it? because it brings in a certain demographic?”


Stretched the (not enough) sherry I had at home by throwing in some red wine. Guess I’ll drag my “certain demographic” ass to the government liquor store to replenish my supply. Better stock up on the bourbon, too: think we used the last cup making barbeque sauce (wonder what that says about my demographic?)

Despite clerk’s derision, the soup turned out fantastic! Perfect for the first day of Vancouver rain season. Highly recommend hunting down the porcinis the recipe calls for. They do give of a slightly bacon-esque aroma but add so much richness: the aroma of the soup was itself esculent.
: many so-called vegetarians have a secret bacon habit (you know who you are).  Are porcinis a road to sin-free satisfaction? Discuss.

Served the soup with a toasted brie, heirloom tomato and rocket (don’t you just love that word? so much better than “arugula”) sandwich on organic multigrain bread.

My husband, who is a thorough carnivore (shameless bacon-eater, too), said it was delicious – for a first course.


P.S. Apron was “Betty Boop” in black and red (thanks, Mom).