Okay – I have an addendum. After a night in the fridge chilin’, the Classic Creme Caramel from Julia’s masterful book is, well, masterful. The caramel was soooooo delicious and the custard creamy, delicate, divine.  It seems like a few hours of cold air did miraculous things to the concert of flavours in the ramekin and suddenly I think I love creme caramel.

Dr. Oetker has fallen flat. The next day flavour was thin and slightly artifical tasting, the texture a little slimy, truth be told.  Of course, if you were in a rush and felt that you simply had to have a creme caramel to serve to someone, it would probably do in a pinch.   It’s not terrible, just not as good.

On another note – for those of you who care, creme caramel is decidedly less terrible for you than creme brulee (which probably explains why I like the creme brulee better) since the creme caramel is made with regular milk as opposed to heavy cream.

And thus ends National Carame Custard Day.