All hail the mighty Caesar! It is said (by Mott’s, no less) that the Caesar is the most popular cocktail in Canada.

Apparently invented in Calgary, the Caesar is made from vodka, Clamato (basically tomato juice infused with “clam broth”, a concept Americans can’t quite get their heads around), Worcestershire, hot sauce and lime juice.

I can’t think of a better cocktail to celebrate national vodka day: a perfect brunch or mid-afternoon electrolyte blast, kicking last night’s hangover solidly in the ass.

The Well Caesars

It was a rare sunny fall day in Vancouver, so we wandered the streets in search of a strange pairing: a place that would serve us a Caesar

but wouldn’t have the hockey game on (my husband had PVR’d the game and really didn’t want it spoiled). We sat on the patio at The Well, a brand-new restaurant on Main Street with an amazing, affordable menu and super-friendly staff. J turned his chair so he couldn’t see the game on the TV inside. The waitress took our order then mixed up a pair of damned fine Caesars.

But I was sure I could do better. After all, she got the fruit wrong.

Back at home, I assembled my ingredients.

Caesar Ingredients

I’m partial to Alberta vodka for mixed drinks – it’s a clean taste, and it’s cheap. I chose habanero hot sauce just for “fun”. And in our house, a really good Caesar has horseradish in it.

You have to rim the glass with celery salt. It’s a must.

Splash in a jigger of vodka then spice the ice liberally with pepper and more celery salt.


Spice the iceSauce the ice

Shake the hell out of the Worcestershire and hot sauce, squeeze in at least half a lime, and only then pour in the Clamato. Traditional garnish is celery. I’ve had pickled beans, asparagus, olives, pepperoncini… you name it.

Mine were better. Hands down.
all hail Caesar!
P.S. Picked up some sherry today. No comments on my demographic from the incredibly bored liquor store employee.