The term “frappe” confused me, to be quite honest.  It turns out a frappe is no more than a common smoothie.  Unless you find yourself inside one of those ubiquitous coffee shops named after a character in a Melville novel, in which case “frappe” is short for something involving coffee and often whipped cream (wonder what Melville would think about that?).

In any event.  Like many Vancouver residents, I style myself a runner, and frequently sign up for races I’m then too injured to run.  I like a smoothie (or “frappe”) before my weekend runs – it’s a good hit of protein and carbs at the same time, and tastes a lot better than a gloppy carb gel.

I was thinking about smoothies as I went for my run this evening.  Daydreaming about the perfect combination of fruity goodness.  Then it happened. A marauding pack of girl guides waylaid me.  “Hey lady!” one of them called, and suddenly I was surrounded by waist-high bundles of earnest wholesomeness.  One of them, a sweet-faced child with cinnamon curls, immediately took charge: “you wanna buy some cookies?”

Now.  I’m a firm believer in buying Girl Guide cookies.  And lemonade from yard-front stands (though lately I’ve been startled to find not lemonade but some toxic blend involving blue Kool-Aid in my plastic cup, wondering if I’ve wandered into a mini-Jonestown.  But I digress). I didn’t have a penny in my pocket, and the light was fading fast.

I made polite, non-committal excuses (“ummm… errr”) as I tried extricate myself from their midgety midst.  As I made my escape, cinnamon curls held up her box of cookies and yelled, “I’ll wait here for you!”

I didn’t go back.

Mystery Market Melony

Mystery Market Melon

Back to the frappe.  I didn’t have a frappe before my run; instead I had one this morning.  I’m not a real melon fan but that was the fruit at hand at 6:30 a.m. (at least I bought it organic, at the Trout Lake Farmers Market).

Threw melon into the blender with a banana, some organic yoghurt, guava nectar (would have been better if I’d had mango – at least then I could have the pleasure of alliteration: a “mango-melon frappe”), a couple of teaspoons of flax oil and a teaspoon of unpasteurized honey.  Blended.

Even with the melon, it was pretty damned good.  J even forgave me for the blender at 6:30 a.m.  I think it would have been slightly improved by the addition of fresh mint.  E.

Watch out for marauding Girl Guides!

Watch out for marauding Girl Guides!