Because mouldy cheese is something no one should ever be able to say they’ve had enough of…


I am late today because I have been traipsing about my office spreading the joy of mouldy cheese far and wide.   Photo is courtesy of my blackberry and is not quite up to our usual standard.  One makes do with what one has available.

We are celebrating with some Cendré des Pres – a creamy, gooey, buttery wad of deliciousness vaguely resembling the raw flesh of an oyster – and some Tomme de Zontagn (that’s what it says on the packet, though I wonder if she really meant to write Montagne which would make much more sense) – a semi-hard cheese with a spectacularly mouldy rind and a delicate creamy texture and flavour.  The Tomme is a french alps cheese made with the skimmed milk of a cow, so we can pretend it’s healthy (it’s at least lower in fat).  The Cendré is also a cow’s milk cheese from the Berceau de la Nouvelle region of France.

They were both heavenly and good and we ate them on their own with no fixin’s ’cause why mess with a good thing?

Of course, if I hadn’t been constrained by a social engagement last night, I’m sure I would have made a meal of it and got some nice red wine, artisan bread and picked some apples to pair up with this delectable duo.  Stupid social engagements – they really tend to mess with my eating.


p.s. Fridays are the day that Manu the Cheese guys comes to our office so, in the spirit of the day, I just had to buy a nice big chunk of stilton which I am enjoying with a fresh mutsu apple.  It’s the simple things in life that make it worth living 🙂