It was early in this blogging project that I realized that a visit from my best friend AKA Schmoo, would dovetail nicely with National Chocolate Cupcake Day. This was *right* up our alley, we became fast friends in 2000 by sharing a deep affection brioche and mocha’s and an aversion to some of our university courses. Since that time, we’ve basically made visiting bakeries a hobby. We will reminisce about particularly good bakeries and baked goods in the same in the same golden haze of nostalgia normally reserved for older men talk about great fishing trips or classic cars: “Oh, do you remember the amazing tomato and brie on sourdough sandwich we had at that bakery in the pear orchard just outside of ___. She was a beauty, with that golden crust. *happy sigh*”

So it was with great enthusiasm we embarked on a visit to two local bakeries for our supplies: one chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing from each of OohLaLa Cupcakes and Pink Sugar Cupcakery. The former is a classic cupcake with butter cream icing, while the later is entirely vegan. Safely home, with Basia Bulat on the stereo (S. said “play something sweet”) and a fresh pot of Orange Pekoe , this is what enfolded:

S: “Oh, this makes me so happy!” *does a happy chair dance*


After S. nibbles off the chocolate straw on the top of her cupcake (no such accouterments on mine), we gingerly peel our cupcakes from the wrappers. Both come cleanly from the wrapper. The S.’s OLL cupcake smells like butter….mmmmm…while my PS cupcake doesn’t really smell like anything– which is a little disconcerting! Sarah immediately rips the top off her cupcake, and takes a big bite of the top:

S: “Oh my Goodness! …mmmm best icing EVER!” [yes, S. actually still says “goodness”. She also says “gosh” a lot] “It is buttery and smoooooth and not too sweet.”

I follow suit. The PS icing is quite sweet (definitely sweeter than the OLL cupcake), and a little crystalline–you can feel the sugar crystals against your teeth. While I’m musing about the challenges of making buttery-ish icing in for a vegan cupcake, S. gobbles down the rest of her cupcake. I look up after hearing:

S: “ooooh. Diabetic coma.”

Left: Pink Sugar; Right: Oh La La

Left: Pink Sugar; Right: Oh La La

I gobble down the rest of my cupcake. It’s a little oily, but has a nice crumb. A moment of happy choco-bliss descends upon the table.

D: “What would our moms think of our not-so-healthy-dinner?”shoes

S: “They would say: ‘D! S! Bad Daughters!’ Let’s not think of that. Let’s look at my pretty new shoes.”

So we do. 🙂

The Cupcake Verdict: If you can’t or choose not to have dairy in your diet, a vegan cupcake from Pink Sugar will certainly  be an enjoyable sweet treat. However, if dairy is OK with you, the fluffy cake and butter cream icing of the OohLaLa will ensure that you reach your chocolate cupcake nirvana.


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