This is one of those days when I am forced to realize that this blog will require some serious planning ahead.  Not every food can be made the night before.  Some things take time.  Lots and lots of time.  Before today, I had wondered why, exactly, it would be that National Brandied Fruit Day would fall in late October – on my birthday to be precise (something about which I have no complaints – I like brandy and I like fruit).  After all, October is not really known for its fruits, unless you want to count pumpkin which I’m pretty sure doesn’t taste that great with brandy.  Oh.  Wait a minute.  Now that I mention it … brandied pumpkin pie … I could be on to something here …

Right.  So point is, Brandied Fruit takes a long time to make because it’s basically fruit preserved in booze and sugar.  You spoon it over ice cream, pound cake, sponge cake, whatever.  My mom tells me that when I was little, we used to have brandied fruit all the time.  Hmmm … maybe that’s why I turned out funny.

Amazingly, brandy and sugar work so well as a preservative, that you can mix it all up and keep it on the counter indefinitely.  Indefinitely!  You just give it a stir every day and periodically add more brandy to it to make sure that the fruit is always covered.  After you make it, you wait at least a couple of weeks before you use it.

Not something to make the night before you’re supposed to blog about what it’s like to eat it.  Especially since it’s the wrong time of year to buy the sort of fruits that would be good with brandy.  Usually you use cherries, peaches, fresh berries.  But it’s – *sigh* – winter now and the fruit has withered on the vine (or in the back of my fridge as the case may be).  I did manage to buy some canned peaches and I found a fresh pineapple (ah, tropical fruit, the only fresh fruit you can count on in the winter – and let’s just forget about my virtuous World Food Day post just a few short days ago because it’s SO not on the 100 Mile diet) and a pomegranate for colour (also not 100 Mile).  We had a couple of pears from a friends tree so I tossed those in too.  I used less sugar because the canned peaches were in syrup.  It smells good.

I contemplated cooking it to make a sauce but that would defeat the whole purpose.  So I will get back to you in a few weeks to let you know what it’s like.  In the meantime, it’s pretty to look at.  I just have to make sure I keep it tightly covered because it’s truly a fruit fly’s idea of heaven.


I added pomegranate seeds for colour - pretty :-)

I added pomegranate seeds for colour - pretty 🙂