I don’t want to blog about greasy foods.  I mean, I style myself a healthy eater (no balogna sandwiches for me, thank you very much)!  I want a good blog!  With pretty, delicious food.  Especially after the bisque disaster.

J. responded much differently: “greasy foods!  Lucky!  Who gets to blog about that?”

Once I resigned myself to the joys of greasy food (and an extra loooooong run today), the gods did their best to align the perfect greasy food universe for me. I mean, what better place to both enjoy and sing the praises of greasy food than a bowling alley?

J. and I were bowling at the Boo-la-thon, a fundraiser for the Kids Help Phone.  A very worthy cause.  Also on my team was a 5-year-old princess. Check out the video of the princess huffing her ball down the alley.  It was the most amazing feat I have ever seen.  She lofted the ball and… it… wandered… down… the alley (tumbleweeds blowing by)… when it finally arrived at its destination, the ball softly nudged the pins to the side, which obligingly fell to the floor in a gentle swoon.

And the princess kicked my ass.  Not that I’m any kind of bowler anyway.  The game became much more fun for me after I asked the staff to put up the bumpers “for the kids”.

J and I were already tucked into our burgers before I remembered to snap pictures of them. Surprisingly, J. chose a chicken burger over the extra-greasy beef on offer. By way of explanation, he rubbed his belly affectionately and said, “I have to watch my waist”. He still had the fries, though. That is garlic on them-there fries.

our breath was murder

our breath was murder

After the Boolathon, we headed over to the Buck & Ear in Steveston, where we danced the night away while our friends Carl and Maxine kicked it up on stage. A hint, Buck & Ear: a proper dance floor? Any dance floor at all?

Whilst at the Buck, we continued our celebration of greasy food with a big plate of chicken wings. Now if you know anything about me at all, I love chicken wings.  They are a huge weakness of mine.



It’s going to be a really long run today.

P.S. Apologies for the late post.  We didn’t get home from the Buck until well after 2 a.m.  I slept instead of blogging, natch.