Happy Halloween!

I really should have written this before I went out last night, not this bleary morning.  Seems weekend blogs are not my biggest success.  Last night was fun, though!  A cooking lesson and gorgeous food at The Dirty Apron Cooking School.  Chef Dave took us through the paces of goat-cheese ravioli, gnocchi, grilled lamb sirloin (I didn’t eat mine) and panna cotta.  Mmmmmm. If you get a chance, sign up for a lesson. They serve wine with dinner.

It’s both Candy Apple Day and Trick or Treat for Unicef DayDea blogged so successfully about Candy Apples on October 21, though, that I can’t hope to compete.  The photographs are just divine, don’t you agree?  I will say this, though:

It’s sad that home-made goodies are no longer a part of trick-or-treating.  The village I grew up in was so small that my trick-or-treat bag was often filled with saran-wrapped caramel popcorn balls, candy and caramel apples, home-made lollies.  When Mom and I would go through my treats at the end of the night, she would exclaim with delight, “oh, I see Mrs. So-and-so worked very hard this year!  I hope you thanked her especially!”  And I did.  My greedy eyes would shine with delight when Mrs. So-and-so handed me the gooey treat and whispered, “say hi to your Mom”. I miss Mrs. So-and-so and the days that she lived in.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember trick-or-treating for Unicef.  My first experience with the phenomenon was in my early 20s, sharing a house with a bunch of boys over on 19th.  I was so excited to hand out candy for Halloween.  Jim looked at my big bowl of candy (none of it home-made) and asked, “where’s your bowl of change?”


Out came my milk bottle full of vacation money.  I can’t think of a better cause.  The Trick or Treat for Unicef program has been going on for 52 years.  The focus right now is on schools for Africa.  If children show up at your door with a Unicef box, I hope you give generously.

So what’s left to talk about?  My costume, of course.  My friends Brenda and Brian got married on Halloween, five years ago.  Everyone dressed up in costume, and their main decorations were carved pumpkins.  Hundreds of them.  Tonight we’re celebrating their 5th anniversary with them at a rocking house party.  I’m not telling you yet what I’m going to be, but here’s a teaser.

costume pieces

a teaser...

Did you guess? I will update this post right before I head out for the night.

Stay tuned…