I woke up this morning with green makeup all over my face.

Jim assured me that he brought our camera home with him, but it wasn’t on the bathroom floor, where I found my purse and peacock tail.  Nor was it on the living room floor with my boots and all of Jim’s clothes.

I haven’t found the dress I was wearing yet, either, so I haven’t lost all hope.

Oh, there it is.  It was on the table beside Jim’s wallet.  How logical. It turns out when you’re wielding the camera, you don’t get a lot of pictures of yourself.  I know I promised costume pictures but all I have so far are pictures of my makeup.  I hope someone from the party has a picture of me.  I know I saw people taking them.

Peacock makeup

eyes only

Just as a bonus, I’ve included a picture of Alex (God’s Gift to Women), Jim (Dead Cowboy) and Dave (Ghost).

Scary Boys

Today is both vinegar and deep fried clams day.  I celebrated with Jim yesterday afternoon, with takeout from the Windjammer, an unlikely splash of authentic English pub-ness on Main Street in Vancouver.  There’s a great review of it here.

I have to say, I’ve never had clam strips that actually tasted like clams.  Normally they taste like batter and whatever you put on them. Mine tasted like batter, lemon juice and malt vinegar.  I picked up some halibut and chips for Jim, too.  The halibut was fluffy and delicious.

Windjammer Clamstrips

Greasy Goodness

Malt vinegar is the way to go with fish and chips, hands down.

I was going to tell you all about sherried eggs with a sherry vinegar reduction, but hey, I had a peacock costume to assemble.

I’m sure there’s a sherry day, or an egg day, in the future.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of my niece, Avery (in my opinion the world’s cutest little girl), in her devil costume.  That should make you forget about sherried eggs.

Little Devil

Cutest Niece Ever

xx Eva