[Ed: 365Foods is pleased to welcome Sarah for her first solo guest blog. Having grown up in a household where meat and potatoes were King, Sarah is gradually learning to cook and is a foodie-in-training – in fact, she just purcahsed a stand mixer and is thrilled to be making her own bread!]

Ah, National Fast Food Day.  I love National Fast Food Day.  I love fast food.  I especially love McDonald’s.  Despite all the studies, documentaries, statistics and nutritional information out there, I still love McDonald’s.  For National Fast Food day I hopped over to the closest McD’s to me in Vancouver’s downtown core, the Waterfront Food Court.  There I waited in line in gleeful anticipation [Ed.: which looks like this] of my longstanding order: two cheeseburgers and a small fries.  Standing there, smelling that specific McDonald’s smell, I thought back to when a trip into town for my family meant lunch at McDonald’s (my mother would be horrified if she read this, I’ll clarify to say we only went into town every few months).  I played every sport imaginable in high school partly because we’d have to bus into town for all of our games and that meant a trip to McDonald’s on the way home for dinner.  The only burger I’ve ever ordered there is a cheeseburger and I have no plans to branch out.  That would mean giving up an opportunity to get a cheeseburger and why would I do that?

Back to the meal at hand.  I received my two cheeseburgers and small fries with the requisite one packet of ketchup and one packet of pepper.  Unwrap cheeseburger #1 and devour in four bites.  Unwrap and repeat with cheeseburger #2.


Next, use one of the cheeseburger wrappers for the fries.  Empty wee bag of fries (have they gotten smaller?) and open the ketchup.  Tear open the pepper and sprinkle on ketchup.  Trust me, it’s good.  Pause for picture.


The entire meal lasted approximately 4 minutes and 30 seconds.  Not very healthy, no ambience and, in hindsight, very little meat but still … sometimes a McDonald’s happy meal [Ed.: Did you get a toy??] is really all you want or need.


Happy National Fast Food Day!