There’s an element of randomness, of luck of the draw, to our allocation of national food days on the blog. Which helps explain how I, a vegan+meat eater (i.e. no dairy or eggs… is there a proper word for this?? Anyone?) ended up assigned to November 30th’s foods: Chocolates, and Lemon Cream Pie.

Now, I love … no, make that looooove lemon cream pie. Lemon meringue pie. Lemon tarts. This lemon goat cheese cake at Stage Wine Bar. Really, any kind of lemony deserts. But I don’t have the willpower, nor the eggs in my fridge, to make a lemon cream pie.

So I started to investigate vegan chocolates.

I’ve never made homemade chocolates before. Tempering chocolates intimidates me – anything that takes 3 pages to explain in my beloved Joy of Cooking is likely something too fussy for me. So it was easy for me to try to replicate the simplest of chocolates (and in my opinion, one of the yummiest!): Chocolate Truffles.

The best reviewed recipe I could find online was this one. Very simple – melt together chocolate and nut milk, cool, roll into balls with cocoa.  I didn’t have any cashews, so decided to forge ahead, making instead with almonds. I also opted to split the resulting liquid truffle and stir in a little dark rum into one portion to see if that was tastier.

Three hours have now past since I slipped the bowls of chocolately goodness into the fridge, and I’m very sorry to report that they have not firmed up to a workable degree. The consistency is of mashed potatoes… a scoop will hold it’s shape, but there is no possible way to roll them in a ball. Flavor wise, the rum version is far superior to the regular. The texture is a little grainy – truffles in my mind should be extremely smooth- but are still quite edible.

I’m going to let them cool overnight, and maybe tomorrow morning will bring a change. If not, I might just smear it across some buckwheat waffles I’m planning to make tomorrow morning. It’s basically Nutella after all!!




The truffles never got any harder. But it’s no loss. NO LOSS AT ALL, because the waffle idea was pure brilliance. I added a the last of the wild blackberries from B’s patch, and it was heaven 🙂