Anything you say?  Wow.  A person could have a lot of fun with that.  You could cover hockey pucks, dog kibble, cheese balls …

Ok, ok, ok.  I’ll be serious (sort of).  It’s not really a serious subject though.  Weird things abound in relation to this day.  For instance, if you go to the original website that started this blog, that being the American Food Holidays website, and click the link for National Chocolate Covered Anything Day, you get sent to a site called Screaming in Digital at which you will discover interesting tidbits like David “London” Ascoli (of Queensryche fame) died last month (oops – sorry for all you London fans out there if that was a little too brutal for you), or that someone named Chris DeGarmo is starting up production with a band named Dredg.  Strangely, despite its domain name (, I didn’t see anything about chocolate.

Honestly, when you get the option to cover absolutely anything in chocolate, it is a little stymy-ing (is that a word?).  Despite my best intentions, I, of  course, managed not to plan very well (again) for this blog.  I have chocolate, but not really sure what to cover with it.  There’s bananas in the basket on top of my microwave – and my chocolate is dark, bittersweet – so it wouldn’t be too sweet.  Could work.  There’s also the frozen blueberries and strawberries in my freezer.  Also a good option.  Then there’s the problem of my missing Advent Calendar, which I am finding perplexing as well.  I know, at first blush that doesn’t exactly fit into this particular thoughtstream, but it’s about chocolate so it does.

Here’s the thing.  I’m not exactly a choc-o-holic (or is that chocaholic?)  It’s kinda like Eva, she of the non-sweet-tooth, being tasked with National Cupcake Day.  Given the choice between chocolate and almost any other dessert, I will almost always choose any other dessert.  Which is not to say that if chocolate is the only sweet available that I won’t eat it.  At my office, there often appear in the communal treat location various chocolatey treats, usually at about that time of the afternoon when you’re either going to eat some sugar or pass out on the floor under your desk.  So, of course, I eat them and have even begun to crave them – all of which has nothing to do with the chocolate and everything to do with (a) the opportunity to leave my desk for a few minutes, (b) the sugar, (c) the walk away from my desk, and (d) did I mention getting up to leave my desk?  As a result, I seem to have been mis-labelled by some of my co-workers as a chocolate freak!  How ironic.

But I digress.  I was supposed to cover something with chocolate and eat it, so I did.  I still had this delicious juicy orange left over from National Bouillabaise Day, so I sliced off the peel (and briefly considered candying the peel and then covering it with chocolate but decided against it on account of the likelihood of high pesticide levels), and sliced up my orange.  Then I used my microwave (yes! no double-boiler to wash) to melt some of the chocolate bar that my husband and child got me as a random gift a while ago (not because I’m a chocaholic, I assure you) and drizzled the chocolate overtop of the oranges.

Not only was it pretty, but it tasted pretty great too.  I used to think chocolate and orange was gross, but it’s actually not.  It was very very nice.

xoxo B.