Pumpkin Pie, Christmas Tree & lots of presents!

It’s Christmas Eve and I just finished making Dea and J’s fabulous knock your socks off egg nog recipe. It’s chilling on the front porch.  Yes, it IS that cold in Victoria – no Saskatchewan, but still cold enough to chill some ‘Nog.

Almost didn’t get the pie made today.  A bit epic really.  My usual pastry genius was failing me and I actually threw out two, count ’em, TWO batches of pastry before I was able to produce something that I considered satisfactory.

My original plan was to make true “from scratch” pumpkin pie.  Unfortunately, it has been a really crazy busy month at work (so busy, in fact, that I did my Christmas shopping mostly vicariously through my husband and then a little scramble last night after work) and the first opportunity I got to go shopping for sugar pumpkins was last Sunday.  That’s when I got the bad news that they were all sold out – everywhere.  So I didn’t do anything special this time.  I just made my usual pumpkin pie recipe – which is the one I posted on National Pumpkin Day.  It’s from the Silver Palate Cookbook and I really believe that it is the BEST pumpkin pie recipe ever.

I doubled the recipe to fill my 10″ deep dish pie plate and cooked it for 8 minutes at 450 and then for almost 1 1/2 hours at 325.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve made this one so many times, I don’t need to try it to know that it’s amazing 🙂

This year's Christmas Pumpkin Pie

Merry Christmas!

xoxo B