Or, as my husband first read this title, “Hot Brunette Bum Day” which could, indeed, make for some very interesting reading I am sure.  Not really to do with food or drink much though…

I wish I could say that today’s post is late on account of one too many hot buttered rums last night.  Alas, no.  The cause is nothing so fun as that.  Besides the fact that we swore off alcohol (at least in beverage form) for the month of January, our household has been flattened by the Most Miserable Cold of All Time.  Really.  It lasts for weeks and weeks and just when you think you are better, it rears its ugly head and smites you down once more.  So, last night, when I should have been happily sipping my Hot Buttered Rum while writing this post I was, instead, near comatose in my bed wishing that better drugs were available over the counter.

I will tell you this about Hot Buttered Rum though – it’s really good.  And possibly medicinal if only one is well enough to have the strength to make it. I don’t think as healing as a Hot Toddy, but a close second nonetheless.  Eva and I once made a big batch of HBR when we were roomies.  I can’t remember if it was precipitated by the onset of a winter cold, or if we just thought it would be good.  In any event, the recipe we used was one found on the internet (of course) and it made the most enormous batch of HBR mix.  Much more than the two of us could get through – and that was during our hardcore alcoholic phase.

In later times, I discovered that you could purchase a mix at the grocery store and it tastes exactly the same as the stuff you make at home.  This is one of those few, very few, things I might suggest is not worth the effort – especially since most recipes make an unconscionable amount of the stuff.  That is, of course, unless you plan on making a version of “Jay’s Famous Hot Buttered Rum” which has vanilla ice cream that is creamed into the paste before mixing with the hot rum.  Whoops!  I guess I am getting ahead of myself here.  How about an explanation of what it is first, and perhaps a recipe, yes?

HBR is a warm cocktail, the perfect accompaniment for a comfy couch, warm slippers, fireplace and a good book.  It consists of rum, butter (yes, butter – hence the “buttered” part of the name – yes, initially I thought it was strange to put butter in a beverage too but, as with most things, butter does make it better), sugar, hot water or cider and spices (usually cinnamon, nutmeg, that sort of thing).  I’m going to give you two recipes.

The first is Emeril Lagasse’s recipe.  A no-muss, no-fuss event that requires some mixin’, some chillin’, some more mixin’ and then some heatin’.  Simple.  nice.  You can read all about it here.

The second recipe is likely to be something like Jay’s Famous Hot Buttered Rum since it has ice cream.  It’s also the only one I could find that used brown sugar, not icing sugar.  I prefer that because I think brown sugar has better flavour.  You can read all about it here. A little more effort, but creamy and delicious so worth it.  Butter AND vanilla ice cream.  A can’t-miss proposition.

Since I didn’t make any HBR batter, I can’t show you any pictures of my creation.  I can, however, share with you a gratuitous cute dog shot of my two dogs laying on the exact spot on my couch where I would like to sit if I were sipping an HBR – and it is a fitting shot because they were tired after a big play in a blizzard, which is the perfect sort of day to be finished with an HBR.

Paddy & Thai, sleeping it off.

Enjoy 🙂