[Ed: returning to the pages of 365foods today is Miss Sarah, who tore herself away from the olympics and her new dachshund* to blog for us today!]

I’ve given a lot of thought to sticky buns over the past week. My ideal sticky bun has lots of nuts and caramel, is fresh and warm straight from the oven, with a sweeter dough. I think that’s what it would have anyway. Really, I come across sticky buns so rarely that I’m not that picky. My go-to, when I’m in Victoria, is definitely Bubby Rose’s Bakery on Cook Street. Because of the communal tables at that bakery though, if you order the sticky bun you need to perfect the *stink eye* so as to ward off any would-be ‘Oh that looks delicious, may I try” table mates.

I came across a delicious-sounding recipe for sticky buns on the Not So Humble Pie food blog. Written by a self-proclaimed “typical nerdy biological anthropologist turned stay at home mom and baker of sometimes strange goodies”, this blog has become my weekday lunchtime companion. I read it and dream of all the beautiful things Ms. Humble is making as I eat my mundane lunch of apple, yogourt and [insert leftovers from night before here]. Now, I am *not* a baker or a cook. I enjoy it, but I have no skill. When Ms. Humble posted her mother’s recipe for sticky buns though, I thought this was one I could attempt.

As I began making the sticky buns I had visions of delicious caramel and pecan-y goodness floating in my head. Yeah, didn’t quite turn out that way. Unfortunately that evening I learned you can’t boil butter and brown sugar to make caramel too far in advance. If you do this, say, after letting the dough rise the first time, you’ll have to wait another hour for it rise a second time and then your caramel sitting so nicely on the stove will separate. And then I learned that if you boil it again to try and get back that delicious brown sauce, it will just burn. And then I learned, perhaps most importantly of all, that you should NOT just ‘try and use it anyway’. Oh yes, I ruined what would have been an otherwise beautiful first attempt at sticky buns by being cheap and not using another 3/4 cup of butter and brown sugar each to whip up a new batch of caramel. Sigh. Live and learn. Live and learn.

Anyway, I would definitely make these sticky buns again with much better timing on the caramel preparation. The dough of the buns was delicious and I’m sure that caramel would have been had I not, well, we’ve already been through that. You’ll see a photo of Ms. Humble’s beautiful sticky buns on her blog, but here are a pic of my sad attempt:


*for the dog lovers: