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My sister Andrea loves banana cream pie.  Especially chocolate banana cream pie.  I called her before I made it and asked her if she wanted me to save her a slice.  She said, “if you didn’t, I’d be mad.”  She wasn’t kidding.

I made the “Black-Bottom Banana Cream Pie” featured at page 583-4 of the Bon Appetit Cookbook.  Fortunately, the recipe is also online at Epicurious.

You’re probably sick of hearing me talk about the Olympics, but the Olympics created a serious impediment to my creation of said pie.  I had to sandwich making crust and vanilla pastry cream between attending events and hosting parties, and generally dealing with a very excited husband.  I wasn’t sure I could make it.

I made the crust and the vanilla pastry cream on Wednesday.  Having made cookie-crumb crusts before, I was pretty sure this one was pretty gloopy.  Crusts are supposed to be crumbly.  Not gloopy.  Hmm.  There is a slight chance that I accidentally doubled the butter (I was a little hung over), but I think that chance is less than 25%.  Okay, 35%.

On Friday, before the entire world came over to watch Canada and Slovaki play in the semi-finals, I frantically made the ganache, sliced bananas, made whippped cream and assembled the pie.  It said to let it cool for at least another four hours before cutting, but who has that kind of time?  Andrea had kids to get home, and I wanted her to take the pie with her (much better if the temptation is at her house than at mine).

I was right about the gloopy crust, alas.  Too much butter makes a gloopy crust when warm, but a rock hard crust when cold.  Said crust adhered to the pie plate with fierce determination and could barely be chipped off.  Unfortunately, this did not make for pretty pictures.  Everyone who had a taste ended up with an unattractive pile of pie on their plates.

She ain't pretty, she just tastes that way.

Well, at least it was really, really tasty.  And then Canada won.  And then won gold.

~ Eva