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It’s time for me to admit another dirty little secret about myself.

I love Lean Cuisine’s Chicken, Spinach and Mushroom Panini.  There.  I’ve said it.  I think the next step is to find a higher power?  They’re really quite good, once you get over the weird mushroomy smell the bread has (I’ve noticed that Subway bread smells the same way.  Odd).

Anyway. Yesterday was one of those hell days at work where everything goes absolutely knackers.  At one point I even swore.  At a real live person (I never do this unless I’m in my car.  And then they – usually – can’t hear me).  I had exactly 3.2 seconds to cram lunch into myself.  I looked hopefully into our staff fridge, and lo!  It turns out I had prepared for precisely this contingency and thrown a panini in just in case.

On the office kitchen counter below the microwave.

[All pictures were taken with my blackberry camera.  It seemed somehow fitting.  Oh, and my real camera battery was dead.  Typical.]

Did you know you can eat a Lean Cuisine Panini without guilt?  Just ask them, they’ll tell you!  Except for the huge amount of packaging that is.  Oh, and the huge amount of chemicals.  And the fact that it’s microwaved on a weird little gray paper plate that really does toast it.  Hmmm.

Mmmm lookit all that packaging!

Undeterred by the potential downsides (and really with no time to consider them), I tore open my panini and microwaved the crap out of it.

This is how you're supposed to microwave it.

Then I enjoyed my cheesy panini goodness with a nice, cold, refreshing Diet Coke.

Oooey gooey cheesy goodness.

I didn’t quite apologise to the person I swore at (the anger was justified, even if the swearing wasn’t), but I was nice to them for the rest of the shitty day.

~ Eva

P.S. Then it got better.  We celebrated Dave’s birthday at Anisha’s house with Dave’s requested menu.

  • Starter: beef carpaccio (the lovely Anisha also provided delicious vegetarian samosas)
  • Main: beef tenderloin with green peppercorn brandy sauce (I had pistachio-crusted halibut with the same sauce); caesar salad
  • Dessert: chocolate cake with cream cheese icing
  • All night: great conversation with wonderful friends