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A simple post for a simple dessert. What could be easier for a Sunday dinner?

Hello my lovelies, c’est l’heure du bain!

Let’s get out of those rosy, freckled, shiny skins into something fragrant . . . .

It looks like some form of torture might have been involved, mais non. Just a warm dip in a clove, cinnamon, orange
and lemon infused bath.

They look happy. All steamy and plump.

A glossy chocolate ganache of dark chocolate, sour cream and a few tablespoons of pear bath water. C’est fini!

Snuggle up each pretty with a dollop of whipped cream and the ganache. Perhaps a little salty pistachio to garnish?
I think so, don’t you?

To all my lovelies reading this sunny spring morning – enjoy. A beautiful dessert named after a beautiful opera.

(via Saskatchewan),