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I finally did it! I bought a 10″ Tube Pan.  In layperson’s terms, that’s whatcha call an Angel Food Cake pan because that’s what most people know it as.  I’ve been putting off this purchase for years.  I’m a little suspicious.  It’s aluminum.  Isn’t aluminum supposed to be really bad for us? Evs.  So is cake.  I have a kid. I think there is a lot of cake in my future. Worth it to buy the pan.

I’ve never made any kind of chiffon cake before.  You may recollect that I deked out of my responsibilities when it came to chiffon cake’s cousin, Angel Food Cake and just bought the cake in a store (though I did make some damn fine toppings for it).  But this time I was less confident in my ability to find something already made in the store and, besides, I had to redeem myself as a baker.

In my search for a lemon chiffon cake that did not require me to purchase a bag of cake flour, but would instead allow me to use good ol’ all purpose flour, I was astounded at all the varieties of chiffon cake out there.  Did you know that there is such a thing as Sourdough Chiffon Cake?  Weird eh? And there are a gazillion recipes for it so apparently lots of people already knew about it.  I feel so ignorant about food sometimes.

Here’s what I learned about chiffon cake:

It was invented in the late 1920s – 1927 if you ask Wiki.  People like it because it’s easy, it tastes good and it has a light fluffy texture that stays moist.  Oil is used as the fat instead of butter and there are a ton of eggs in it which is what makes it light and fluffy (the oil is what keeps it moist).  It is similar to, but not the same as, Angel Food Cake.  It’s good to have a bottle of wine around so that you can invert the cake pan over the bottle of wine (that’s what the sticky-uppy thing in the middle of the pan is for) while it cools (and preferably after you’ve drunk the wine).

The finished product!

The recipe I found (the one that didn’t require cake flour) was created by Jen Castle of Hell’s Backbone Grill in Boulder.  You have to love a cake when it comes from a place with a name like that.  Anyway, found it here, on Oprah’s website. I promised myself I would follow the recipe to the letter.  Those of you who read this blog with any regularity have probably figured out that is a problem for all of us here at 365foods.  I managed it pretty much until I got to the icing which I decided wasn’t quite lemony enough so I had to add more lemon, and then some more butter because it was melted already so what the hell, and then some more icing sugar because maybe the consistency was too runny and then … argh. I am hopeless.  The cake, however, was not.  It turned out beautifully (see the pretty picture) and I was quite pleased, if I do say so …

I was a little afraid that I was going to have to eat an entire cake to myself, or at least, between P and me.  Luckily, we had a birthday party to go to last night, so P and I weren’t stuck eating an entire cake between the two of us.  Or was that lucky?  I really like lemons and lemon cake is my favorite kind of cake. Hmmmmmm.  Well, it was very nice to be able to make a birthday cake for the lovely birthday girl and when the pictures arrive in the (e)mail, I will update this blog with a picture of the Fabulous Leah with her birthday cake 🙂