I thought we (okay, Della) actually did chocolate mousse last month, but when I saw Della today, she told me it was actually chocolate soufflé.  Huh.  Turns out Della was right (to be honest, she usually is).

But I didn’t want to make chocolate mousse.  About a week before the end of every month, the 365Foods ladies sit down and work out who’s going to blog about what, the following month.  We try very hard to honour the requests of our guest bloggers (they contribute so much, including giving us a huge break!); we pick for ourselves the days that we feel strongly about, and then in the end there are a few days that, well, no one really wants (animal crackers, anyone?).

So I got chocolate mousse, with the caveat that I could blog about something else if I wanted to.  Janelle calls this cheating.  I disagree.

It’s actually soft pretzel month this month.  So I’m going to blog about soft pretzels!  So there, Janelle.

Pretzels have a lot of history, actually.  Lots of countries still have festivals involving pretzels.  You can even find pretzels filled with pudding and stuff like that!  But my favourite pretzel is just a big salty yeast pretzel.

Jimbo Jones and I went to the Canucks game last Tuesday, and watched them beat the snot out of the “Desert Dogs” (Phoenix Coyotes, neophytes). Ok, they didn’t really beat the snot out of them, but they did win.  I like it when the Canucks win.  It makes me happy.

the jumbotron @ GM place

But I have to admit, half the joy of going to a hockey game is getting a soft pretzel, all warm and coated in big chunks of salt.  I point to the one I want (usually the saltiest-looking one).  You have to dip it in mustard, too.  The nasty neon yellow kind, pumped into a paper pill cup for dipping.  Then you use the mustardy end to pick up the salt crumbs that have fallen off into the napkin.  Yum.

I got so excited about my pretzel, I almost forgot to take a picture! Jim reminded me before I ate it all.

All in all, it was a happy day for me.  A mid-week date with my hubby, the Canucks won, and I got a salty pretzel.  Life doesn’t get much better.

more pretzelly goodness

~ Eva

P.S. Pictures taken with my blackberry.  Seemed appropriate.