Ummm … still having technical difficulties. Sorry. Most excellent caramel popcorn made. Beautiful photographs taken. No camera cord, so no pictures for you.

Sunday was Easter. My wee one got to go on his first easter egg hunt (well, technically, it was his second one, but he doesn’t remember the first one). We wandered through the woods on our property “finding” eggs all over the place and then treated him to some Easter goodies. First chocolate egg (first chocolate at all) EVER. First sugar covered marshmallow thing. Yep – he liked them. But he didn’t LOVE them. We didn’t get the reaction we thought we would get, that’s for sure. He was much more interested in playing with the giant laundry basket full of plastic eggs than anything else.

Skip ahead to later that same day. He is napping. I am making tourtiere (see yesterday’s post). We are going to a friend’s house for Easter dinner. Tourtiere finished right about when he wakes up and P and I are gathering things to get ready to go when suddenly – ACK! – I recall that I need to make caramel popcorn for today’s blog and this is the only chance I will get to do it. No worries, we still have 45 minutes before we have to leave.

P goes on kid duty and I do a rapid scan for caramel popcorn recipes. I use google to search for “caramel popcorn”, “caramel popcorn recipe”, “easy caramel popcorn recipe” and “best caramel popcorn recipe”. I picked this one. Not because it looked anything special but because it didn’t involve baking anything so I could get it done quick.  And it was the first on the list.  Quick it was. I did not add nuts because I didn’t have any.  I set it out to cool on greased cookie sheets and P gave G a piece.  Well! A monster was created in that moment.  Suddenly this delightful, polite little boy turned into a demanding, fierce little troll hopping up and down, pulling on my pants, reaching for the counter, “Mommy, Pbbbbbbbblllleeease!!!!!” I gave him another, and another, and another … finally I had to put the popcorn away in airtight containers to stop the begging.  It was like baby crack! A much more significant reaction than to any of the other Easter goodies to be sure.

Popcorn made and packaged into a series of airtight containers, we dashed out the door to dinner, taking tourtiere and several containers of caramel popcorn with us.

Jump ahead a few more hours. Dinner is over. We are seated at the dining room table playing dice, drinking wine (oh yes, LOTS of wine – enough to make me want to swear it off forever by the time this morning rolled around), and complaining happily about how full we are from dinner. A (very) brief discussion ensues about when we should break out the pie and ice cream for dessert. Several people groan and mumble about being “so full I could die”, “the thought of more food makes me feel sick”, etc. etc. At some point in the course of this discussion, P goes to the kitchen and brings back one container of caramel popcorn. Everyone says, “oh no, I couldn’t, not right now, I’m too full” etc. etc. etc. and in about 60 seconds the container is empty and someone has produced a second one from the kitchen and it is disappearing just as fast and so on and so on and so on.

Apparently this caramel popcorn can tempt anyone.  We took home all the containers … empty.