Admit it.

You were expecting this:

But, come on, what’s a single girl to do with a pound of cheese in walnuts? I don’t even like walnuts. By rights, for me to make that, my name should be Marg, and I should be bringing it to the club for a snack at the Cribbage social.

Thanks, I think I’ll pass.

Rather, in the spirit of my mini-baked alaska I thought I would miniaturize the cheese ball…and then for good measure, fry it (hey, what can I say, I’m following Sarah’s example of healthy eating!)


Mini Goat Cheese Balls in 6 Easy Steps

(1) Slice up a baguette, brush sides lightly with olive oil, toast for 10 min in a 425F oven.

(2) For approx. 15 mini cheese balls: in a bowl combine 1 cup room temperature goat cheese/chevre, 1 tbls each fresh chives, rosemary and lemon zest.

(3) Roll cheese mixture into small balls – approximately 1 tbls each.

(4) Roll each ball in a lightly beaten egg (or egg replacer), then roll in breadcrumbs. “Crumb” the entire batch, then go back and repeat with the eggs and crumbs again.

(5) Fry the balls GENTLY in a small frying pan in olive oil over medium heat. Work in batches of about 5 of 6, so you can keep rolling them around to ensure they brown evenly. Drain on a paper towel.

(6) While the toasts and the fried cheesy goodness is still warm, top the toasts with honey and/or onion confit. Break open an ooey -goey cheese ball, and top the toast with it. Enjoy how the citrus, goat cheese and honey flavours play off of one another.

(6A) Vow only to eat four. Eat six. Call friends over for emergency eating help.


ps- Unrelated to cheese, but related to all things yummy, if you’re in Victoria, might I *highly* recommend the buck-a-shuck oysters at The Oyster Bar. With a glass of prosecco on the side, you can go from office blah to The Good Life in no time at all:

photo credit: Rumon Carter