As promised…

THAT's an Amaretto Sour!

Legend has it that Leonardo Da Vinci and his assistant, Bernardino Luini, were commissioned to do frescos in a church in Saronno, Italy way back when.  The assistant (Luini) needed a model on whom to base his depiction of the Madonna, and selected a beautiful innkeeper (she also happened to be a widow).  They became lovers.  Innkeeper wanted to express her gratitude to Luini (ahem.  Shouldn’t it have been the other way around?), so she steeped some apricot pits in brandy and gave him the result.  Thus was Amaretto born.

I tried to find out more for you by going to the completely irritating DiSaronno website, but got frustrated.  It’s way too interactive for me.  And the random girl walking across the screen every 5 minutes was irritating, too.

And for some reason, no recipe for Amaretto Sour.  WTF?

Most recipes will tell you to add simple syrup to your Amaretto Sour.  Me?  I think the Amaretto is sweet enough.  I like equal parts Amaretto and lemon juice, shaken over ice.

THAT’s an Amaretto Sour.