If you want to read about Amaretto Day, click here and here.  Due to a slight brain meltdown, I got Amaretto Day and Animal Crackers Day mixed up.  It could happen to anyone.

I have a sunburn.  My sunburn has nothing to do with Animal Crackers, but I wanted to share my state of mind (body?) with you at the beginning of this post.  So we’re on the same page, and all that.

Animal Crackers are one of those things.  I remember liking the idea of them as a kid, but not really liking the actual animal crackers.  They’re sort of beige tasting, non?  Basically a digestive cookie shaped like an animal.

Not that well-shaped, either (well, check out the picture!). Although, the gorilla did have impressive breasts.

Arrowroot itself is somewhat beige.  Basically a thickener like cornstarch, except that it won’t hold the sauce for more than 10 minutes, and won’t bear reheating (according to the JofC, which has let us down before, so now I’m a little sceptical).

Frankly, Animal Crackers are boring.

* yawn *

My day, on the other hand, was not boring.  As mentioned previously, Friday was my birthday.  It was a fabulous party and I am still living in the happy afterglow.

When I’m not celebrating my birthday, I’m training quite hard for a PB (personal best) in the Vancouver Half Marathon on May 2.  My coach, Jim, has been kicking my ass.  I’ve done hill training, track workouts, tempo runs and distance work.  After my birthday party, I thought to squeeze in an 18km training run.  Alas, when I dragged Coach J. out of bed, he was still drunk from the night before (it really was that kind of party).  So I took him out for breakfast (and more importantly, breakfast Caesars) instead.

Last night I slept over at my sissy’s house, since she practically lives in Alberta, and a cab ride home is far too expensive after a few glasses of wine.

I was shocked to discover that Coach J. was hung over again this morning when I got home (apparently the rums & cokes were calling).  Nonetheless, Jimmy Boy scraped up his hungover self and came out running.  We ran 18.29km and tackled the Prospect Point Hill in Stanley Park (it’s a mental game: you have to show the hill who’s boss before the race).

You know, Jimmy is always thinking.  He planned our run to end at the Pirate Pub.  Oh, happy day!  It was 18° outside and we sat in the sun and drank a pitcher of beer.

Did I mention I’m now sunburned?

There are worse things, I suppose.  Like boring arrowroot Animal Crackers, for instance.

Remember when they used to come in a cute little yellow box?

xx Eva

P.S.  Also, my legs are tired.  But the wine stain from the birthday party came out of my dress (Jim is very relieved).
P.P.S. Sorry about the mixup. But at least I blogged about what I was supposed to blog about, Janelle (if out of order)!