Huh.  When I eagerly volunteered to take Lima Bean Respect Day, it never occurred to me that Lima Beans would be difficult to obtain.  I mean, everyone hates them right?  So that must mean that everyone has been exposed to them at some point, which must mean that they are really common.  Right?  Wrong!

No lima beans to be found in our fair city.  Not a one.  Grant you, I didn’t exactly go to every single grocery store in town, and I definitely neglected to go scouting in Chinatown which, in retrospect, would have been the wise thing to do.  I was too busy doing fabulous Spring-has-Sprung things like buying two new cars (did I just say that? holy crap!), riding my bike down beautiful trails with fun friends, picnicking on the wharf at the best fish & chips place in the WHOLE WORLD and walking on the beach with my son.

Now here I am with no lima beans.  What’s a girl to do?  I wanted to give this fine bean some respect, but now I can only respect it in theory since I’m not exactly sure I have ever had a lima bean in my life (unless you count butter beans which depending on the source are either just another name for lima bean or close relatives of lima beans and I’m not sure I’ve had those either).  Of course, since my search for lima beans also included some internet surfing, I did discover some strange lima bean factoids.  They are of Peruvian descent and are named after the city of Lima (pronounced “Lee-mah”), but that doesn’t mean they are “Lee-mah” beans.  Nope.  They are “LIE-muh” beans. Also, you can’t eat them raw or you could die.  Seriously.  They have loads of cyanide in them which apparently goes away with cooking, but just a handful of raw beans is enough to make an adult dangerously ill.  If that’s not worth respecting, I don’t know what is.

I am not going to draw this out with a bunch of lima bean recipes that I can’t vouch for. Instead, I am going to take advantage of the fact that April is also National Food Month and celebrate with some pictures celebrating happy food memories.

Dea documenting "National Let's Get P to Barbecue Some Big-Ass Tenderloin Steaks Day"

My friend Darrell making stock from Easter Turkey and demonstrating that he has clearly been taking cooking lessons from this blog.

Grapes from my brother's house from vines my momndad planted 20 years ago!

Roast veggies from our wedding. We were determined to have amazing food at our wedding and we succeeded!

Last year's DEEP FAT FRIED Christmas Turkey. A whole other world of bad for you yummy tastiness.

And last but not least …

P wearing a gorilla suit for my mom's birthday (that's my mom with him).

Okay, okay, okay.  I know that last one didn’t have anything to do with food (unless you count the banana with the happy birthday message written on the skin), but how could I resist?  I mean, it’s not every day that I get to post pictures of my husband wearing a gorilla suit on the internet.  These opportunities shouldn’t be squandered!

Happy Food Month 🙂



UPDATE (April 21, 2010):

Eds: Megan and Tony have this message of Lima love from Powell River:

Happy Lima Bean Respect Day everyone. We respected Lima beans in a nice salad tonight, with some olive oil, lime juice, white vinegar, sweet onion and mint. It was a delightful side to our simple garlic linguine. Respecting Lima Beans in Powell River, this is Meghan & Tony.