[sweet J is back, keeping it real from the wilds of Saskatchewan. Word.]

. . . . . Okay, kids are happily scarfing back their lunch and the kitchen table. Put away groceries in between taking out stand mixer and finally reading the recipe for cheesecake. The pictures looked really good but maybe I should have pre-read recipe. Wipe up spilled chocolate soy milk. Wipe lunch faces. Eat some sort of sandwich over the kitchen sink. Check that cream cheese is warmed up to room temp. Dog is giving me laser beam stare . . . .soon dog, soon I will get you a bowl of food. Change loads of laundry, put dishes in the dishwasher because I can’t take pics for this blog with stuff all over the countertops. Dog now following my every move and I can feel his nose bumping into the back of my leg. Read you loud and clear buddy . . . . so, feed dog. Get out food processor and measure out 8 oz ginger snap cookies. Thought gingersnaps would be nice with the sour cherry topping for this cheese cake. Three year old looks like nap should be now and not anytime later (unless I would like something in the house destroyed), so upstairs we go for two stories, a snuggle and 1.5 hours of “three year old is out like a light” bliss.

Back downstairs. Plug five year old into tv for an hour so I can make the cheesecake. What kind of mother am I? The things I do for this blog. Okay. Finally read the recipe. Grind up cookies and mix in melted butter and sugar. Why can I never get a cookie crust to press into the bottom and sides of the pan and look like the picture? They MUST be using far more cookies than I. There is is no way I can get two inches up the side of this spring form pan. Gimme a break. Buttery gingersnaps baking in the oven smell good. Need afternoon cup of coffee. . . . Cheese at room temp – check. Eggs at room temp – OOPS. Carry four eggs around in my t shirt pressed against my stomach for about 2.5 minutes and then realize this could take a long time to warm eggs. Who cares. What could go wrong? Beat cream cheese with flour and salt. Can’t decide if I should add something to the batter. Lemon rind? Chopped ginger? Call D., but no answer. Probably eating a fab lunch somewhere with adult conversation.

Beat in sugar and vanilla. Add double the vanilla and call that the flavouring. Beat in cold eggs. Look at ginormous amount of batter. Look at somewhat tiny 9 inch spring form pan with dinky gingersnap crust. Oh, hell, it’ll fit. Pour it all in. The filling is higher than the crust. Oh well. Bake for about an hour. . .change laundry, vacuum, talk on the phone to D., load the dishwasher, get three year old up, make snacks, sit on deck and eat a cookie . . . .hmmmm . . . . no cracking, not too puffy so it won’t fall. Lovely. This Fine Cooking recipe is super simple. Get it in the fridge until I can finish the sour cherry sauce.

Save me from myself!! Four bricks of cheese....

Looks like a giant marshmallow

. . . Two days later . . .. find Saskatchewan sour cherries Mom gave me in the freezer. Make sauce while G. has another nap. Add a little bit of water and get them almost boiling, add a few tablespoons of sugar. I think I will keep this sauce really tart to go with the ultra-rich cheese cake. Thicken sauce with two teaspoons of cornstarch and that is finished. Wait for supper to take pictures of piece of cheese cake. What the heck am I going to do with a whole cheese cake? No company on the way, hubby works the weekend. Freeze it? Put out a call on FB for free cheesecake and coffee tomorrow afternoon? Save it for book club? Eat it all myself? Yuck. I don’t even like cheesecake. It is just too much. I can’t even finish a whole piece. . . . realize I must hide this from hubby as cheese cake is one of his faves.

Ate a piece of this rich dessert with the kids on the deck after supper. Well, by “me” I mean “them”. It was good. The sour cherry sauce was what made the dish as the tartness paired so well with the gingersnaps and gooey insides. Good recipe. I don’t think I will blatantly copy this recipe like I did the last one. Fine Cooking might not think this is funny second time around.

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