Well we already celebrated National Soft Pretzel Month and while I may, on most occasions, admit that the soft pretzel is, by far, the superior snack food, there is also something to be said for the good ol’ crunchy kind. In fact, “bretzels” used to be my very favorite thing when I was a wee one. It’s a love I share with my dad who always has pretzels in his cupboard and on whom I can always rely to get my fix. Really – dad’s kitchen carries the best pretzels.

I had intended to bring you the joy of Snyder’s of Hanover Sourdough Pretzels today. Their crunchy, sourdough-y, salty goodness is a marvel.  Alas, I had not understood the magnitude of that proposition. You see, my daddy-o always has them in his house and since, to my knowledge, he pretty much only ever shops at the Thrifty Foods near his house, I had assumed that Snyder’s pretzels were readily available at Thrifty’s. Huh. After wandering up and down the Salty Snacks aisle at Thrifty’s for several minutes wondering if my eyes were deceiving me or if the absence of Snyder’s was really true, I whipped out my cell phone to call my dad and ask him where he had bought his pretzels. It turns out that, yes, Thrifty’s used to carry Snyder’s but, for some crazy reason (probably had something to do with Sobey’s buying out Thrifty’s – they’ve made a lot of changes I don’t approve of) they don’t anymore. Apparently my dad buys his pretzels online. How very high tech and modern-era of him!

He suggested that I could try the German deli. That was a good idea. Too bad it was 9pm on a Sunday night and there are no German delis open at 9pm on a Sunday night – at least, not in this town.

For a crazy millisecond, I contemplated making pretzels. After all, my brother who is decidedly not baking inclined, made some really good ones last year. He gave me the recipe at some point but I lost it. Calling my brother for a pretzel recipe, again, not something you do at 9pm on a Sunday night. Neither is baking pretzels from scratch really – unless you have Mondays off I guess.

Note the catchy slogan across the top of the bag...

I settled instead for a bag of Canada’s favorite pretzel brand (at least that’s what it says on the bag – could have something to do with them having a marketing monopoly – I’m just sayin’…), Rold Gold which I brought home to share with P while we sat and watched the hockey game. My cat decided to sample the pretzels. Unfortunately I was not fast enough with the camera. It was pretty funny though. She fished a pretzel out of the back, took a bite, chewed it up, made a face and then left. I guess it was too salty for her.  Not for me and P though!  We gobbled up the rest quite happily and would have eaten more if there had been more.  Luckily they are a low-fat snack food.  Even more luckily, I had the good sense not to buy the giant bag at the grocery store and stopped at the gas station for a snack sized bag on the way home 🙂

xoxo B.

Canada's Favourite Brand with Canada's Favorite Game in the background (Game 6 of 7 - the 'Nucks crush the Kings and head for the Western Semi-Finals)