Hey y’all. It’s  shrimp scampi day.  Scampi, in north American parlance is a butter/wine/garlic sauce, usually served over shrimp (in the UK “scampi” is a type of lobster!). Tonight I made some truly stellar salt roasted jumbo shrimp with a scampi sauce...the shrimp where roasted in their shells for extra shrimpy goodness, and then just dipped in a thick scampi sauce. Lip smackingly good. I think this is one of the very best dishes I have made for this blog thus far, and dead easy. This would be great dinner party dish. The scampi sauce starts out with a nice lemon kick, and then finishes with smooooth butter.

Tonight, I’m lacking words, but feeling visual. I hope you’ll accept the maxim that a photo is worth a thousand words, and enjoy this little slideshow instead of a play-by-play…

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