I just spent the Mother’s Day Weekend eating at a variety of places – some very good, some very bad. It was my Grandmother-in-law’s 90th birthday party so a lot of family was in town and then there was round two with my side of the family meeting for a big Sunday night buffet dinner. Sometimes I can’t wait to get back to the weekday routine after eating too much “weird” food. There was 1970’s white birthday cake, chicken wings, dim sum, two apples, pancakes, cannelloni, grilled zucchini, chocolate torte, crackers with goat cheese . . . . you get the picture. I thought I would wait until the actual day before cooking for this blog just to see what I felt like. Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel like anything too decadent.

Everyone, meet the juicer:

This juicer belongs to my parents but I have been borrowing it for a while. It was found at a garage sale (I think) for about $10.00. This is a serious juicer. I sounds like a jet plane taking off and could probably extract the juice from the wizened old parsnip at the bottom of my crisper (if I was so inclined).

The best part? It’s name: The ACME Supreme JUICERator! Awesome!


I took a look in the fridge and found some yummy things that the juicer might like to pulverize.

After a weekend of heavy food, I chose a blend of organic carrots, Gala apples and fresh ginger. Here you see the carrots meeting their fate.

I’ve always liked the lovely orange foam on fresh carrot juice.

Viola! About 2/3 carrot, 1/3 apple and just a tablespoon of ginger juice. Yum! This would be great on a hot summer day with some sparkling water or maybe something stronger.

Here is my lame attempt at making a fancy food photo. I was thwarted by a small, curly headed kid when I turned my back for a split second.

We had our afternoon snack and headed out to the garden to turn over the raised beds. This garden work and Juicerator drink had me wondering when warm, sunny spring days will return . . . and after a quick look at the weatheroffice website it appears summer is just a few days away! By that time I will be ready to whip something up from my new favourite cookbook I found at the library: “Mario Batali – Italian Grill”. The best thing, as long as you don’t have a blog to write, is that it is “Make What you Want Day” everyday.

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