Dad's Salsa

So it’s National Chocolate Chip Day.

You can understand why this month is a month of substitutions.  At 365 foods we’ve discovered (1) if you can’t come up with anything else, make it a brownie, cupcake, soufflé or something chocolate day; (2) we’re generally tired of brownies, cupcakes, soufflées and chocolate.  It’s not that we don’t like those things.  It’s just that you can only blog about them so many times.

So.  Chocolate chips = meh.  Salsa = good, especially when I’m talking about my mango salsa.  I don’t have a picture of my mango salsa here because I suck.  Yep, suck.  I have all sorts of excuses.  I got  back from Mexico late Sunday night.  I still haven’t even posted pictures of shrimp laksa, as promise, although I do have them. Since Sunday, I’ve worked my butt off, watched the Canucks get annihilated in their series (* whimper *), flown to Victoria, flown back to Vancouver, taken the train to Maple Ridge and back, and been in a car for several hours.  It’s a true Trains, Planes and Automobiles.  Did I mention I’m tired? And a whiner to boot.

Back in Maple Ridge, I figured I’d make the mango salsa for the fan damily tonight.  Who can beat it? It’s so fresh and delicious for a hot Friday night. Check out the ingredients:

2 atulfo mangos, finely diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 walla walla or other sweet onion, finely diced
1/2 C cilantro/coriander, leaves only, sliced but not minced
1 small green or red chile, minced
juice of 1 lime

Toss ingredients; allow to marinate 1 hour or more in fridge. Serve with tortilla chips.

This salsa is sunshine on your tongue.  Too bad I didn’t make it tonight.  Instead, I sampled Mom’s (Dad’s) salsa with my pizza.  Here’s the deal:  the salsa is Mom’s recipe.  She invented it to deal with all of the tomatoes, peppers and onions coming out of Dad’s garden.  I grew up on this salsa; it’s a staple on my eggs and everything.  Don’t tell Mom, though, but I think it could benefit from more hot.  A lot more hot. I’m just sayin’.  But this salsa tastes like home.  Unlike my sissy, I’ve never had the recipe.  We clearly know who the favourite daughter is.

Mom made the salsa for ever and ever, but now it’s Dad’s job.  If you want to know why, you have to drink wine with my parents for an entire weekend.  It’s up to you.

I’m just saying.

So. In the meantime, enjoy the mango salsa.  You can chat with Dad any time about the recipe.  Just bring some wine.

And just to make you happy: here’s a gratuitous picture of my niece, Micah.

xx Eva