Well, it’s Devil’s Food Cake Day today, which is in itself a celebration of eggs, but as I mentioned previously, I’m a bit tired of sugary sweets.  So. Egg Month it is.

The chicken came first. (What a stupid question)

Humans have been eating eggs for as long as we’ve been humans, pretty much.  It seems that people began domesticating birds (presumably to eat both the birds and their eggs) more than 5000 years ago in India, and more than 3400 years ago in China and Egypt.

Apart from being a very good source of protien, eggs are amazingly versatile.  Look at the recipes in this blog for just a small example: cakes, soufflées (both savoury and sweet), cookies, pasta (trust me: there are eggs in the dough).

Plus there’s all the religious symbolism: in the Judeo-Christian mythology, the resurrected Christ is said to have burst from his tomb like a chick from an egg.  Easter, anyone?

I often think, though, that the best celebration of eggs is, well, eggs!  There’s nothing like a fluffy omelette wrapped around some perfectly steamed asparagus and a little lox.  Or a perfectly poached egg nestled in a bed of spinach and kissed with some holladaise sauce. And what about devilled eggs?  The Greeks made an amazing-sounding version with garlic, anchovies, olive oil and wine, that I think I’m going to try to recreate this weekend when I go camping.

My very, very favourite egg dish in the entire world is the Spanish tortilla de patatas (potato omelette), especially when served on a warm crusty baguette, smeared with some tomato and garlic, in Barcelona.  (All that potato appeals to my Ukrainian heritage.  The Barcelona part is just a bonus.  Too bad tortilla de patatas is not all that good for my girlish figure.  * sigh *)

Tortialla de patatas, on a warm crusty baguette smeared with garlic and fresh tomato, in Barcelona (with a Diet Coke and a glass of dry rose). Does life get any better?

People are darned particular about their eggs, though.  (It’s trueTake a survey of your friends.  Ask them how they like their eggs done.  You’ll get a different answer every single time.)  Me?  I have some issues with eggs.  I don’t like runny yolks (* shudder *).  So for me, the aforementioned perfectly poached egg is, well, hard.  Chefs in fine dining establishments hate me.  I’ve sent back more breakfasts that I can count, when I’ve poked at my egg only to have it explode and ooze yellow yolk all over my plate.  Ugh.

Jim, however, likes his eggs just barely cooked.  When I make him a BELTCh, he can’t wait to take his first bite so that the yolk explodes all over the sandwich and oozes down his hands. Even writing about it here is enough to make me gag a little.

Like I said, I have issues.

I love a good BELTCh ([turkey] bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato and [gruyere] cheese).  The other day, I made myself a BELTChA (with avocado).  I squeezed on a goodly amount of 1/2 the Fat Hellman’s, and slathered some dijon under the bacon for good measure. I didn’t use butter.  That would just be over the top, don’t you agree?


Now THAT’s one good egg.

How do you like your eggs?  (Don’t say “fertilized” – come up with a new joke)

I’m just sayin’.

~ Eva

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