As Dea says, I can blog about wine in my sleep [I’m
pretty sure she could also open a bottle in her sleep!-Ed] . Much to my chagrin, I did NOT blog about wine last night and slept instead. So here I sit, Blackberry in hand, pounding out a blog at the Portland airport while I wait for my flight to Boise.

Being a wino, I have many favourite wine memories. Studying for exams with B with the "help" of 1.5 litres of wine. Sitting on the beach with my friend Terina, shortly after I moved to Vancouver, having a moonlight picnic (also a celebration of brown bag day!). Sharing a special bottle with Jim right after we got engaged. Sharing a glass with my sissy immediately after her home birth of my niece, Micah.

And, oh, Fitou. I went to France last summer with my dear friends Karen, Barb and Elena. The village we stayed in had 13 wineries for a population of 1500 and we did our best to support them all. One of my favourite moments was watching a man walk in to a winery with an empty 2L Pepsi bottle and pay €2 to have it filled with wine. * sigh *

[Wine taps make Eva VERY

[Yes, that’s wine in that
spanish “coke” bottle!-Ed]

[Eva’s ideal holiday

Ok, now in Boise. I’m having computer problems which is a HUGE issue on this work trip, so the glass of wine I had with my lunch was very welcome. [Just one? Really?- Ed]

That’s the thing about wine. I drink it to celebrate a special occasion; I have a glass as a reward for getting through an especially difficult day. Most importantly for me, though, a glass of wine is a celebration of my friendship with the person I’m sharing it with. It brings us together in a shared moment of calm and pleasure in our very hectic lives.

So here’s to you: I wish you good wine and better friends to share it with.

via Boise,

~ Eva