Today is National Grape Popsicle Day. And I am pleased to return to blogging today! I’ve missed it even though, sadly, my life right now just doesn’t leave much room for blogging. So even though today was not really an opportunity for a gourmand excursion into my kitchen, I was excited to put a little something together for your viewing pleasure. And I did still cook today so I thought I would go off topic and overshare.

Tonight I am on my own. The boys are out of town. I celebrated my independence this evening by making a dish that P would never (knowingly) eat. Nope. Not in a million years. Why? Because it had anchovies in it. A LOT of anchovies. And P is an anchovy hater. Sad, but true. And kind of embarassing. In any event, I made anchovy pasta. YUM! I made just a little bit of pasta, two “me” size portions. And I used an ENTIRE CAN of anchovies for the sauce. It was divine 🙂 I think at one point in this blog I may have promised to share a particular recipe with y’all and I haven’t yet. I’m still not going to do that because it’s not what I made tonight. But tonight’s dish was a variation on a theme and you will get the other version some other time I’m sure.

B’s “Clean Out the Fridge’n’Cupboards” Anchovy Pasta

1. Bring water to boil, liberally salt á la Eva, and start your pasta cooking. I used Conchiglioni (shells) because that’s what was in my cupboard, but I recommend linguine for this sauce.
2. In small saucepan, combine 3 tbsp. olive oil, 2 large cloves garlic (minced), and ONE CAN OF ANCHOVIES packed in oil. Dump in the oil too. Cook on medium-low heat until garlic is slightly golden and ANCHOVIES have dissolved into a delicious, salty, briny, beautiful paste.
3. Toss into the sauce a handful of raisins and a handful of pecans. Continue cooking until raisins start to plump up and brown (a minute or two).
3. Add a handful of sliced mushrooms and a generous dose of red chili pepper flakes. Cook until mushrooms are cooked. If there is not enough liquid, use the ANCHOVY can to scoop some of the boiling pasta water and add that to the sauce. Using the can will add a little more of that uniquely perfect ANCHOVY flavour and will clean out any remaining oil.
4. Drain pasta but not too well. Toss with sauce and a large handful of fresh basil (chiffonade).
5. Serve with parmesan and maybe even some feta and enjoy!

Ahem … okay, back on topic, which is grape popsicles, and who better to demonstrate a deep, profound and abiding appreciation for popsicles than a couple of almost-two year olds? Our models for today’s celebration of this frozen delight are Eva’s niece and my son. They don’t know it yet, but they’re going to get married one day. They haven’t met yet, but that’s okay. We don’t want to rush them! But you can see from the pictures, they are a match made in heaven.

As it turns out, grape popsicles are a bit hard to come by in this day and age. Eva had to make do with a mixed variety and I could only find cherry. All wrong, but at least Eva’s had some purple on the end which could maybe count as grape? I actually found a grape popsicle at the convenience store near my work but I was riding my bike and didn’t have any way to keep it from melting on the 40 minute ride home. So cherry it was!  Yummy AND messy.

Happy Day!

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