June is National Turkey Lover’s month! And let me take this opportunity to make and admission: I, am a turkey lover.

There, I said it.

Not just a liker, mind you. But a turkey lover. In fact, I speak so highly of turkey, that I’ve been known to refer to it as The Noble Bird.

From whence does this affection come? Why, here:


What are you looking at? That’s my family’s farm on the left, Hilllcrest, where I grew up. Hillcrest is a Noble Bird farm. So, you can say that turkey loving is kind of in my blood.

I’d like to rehabilitate the image of the turkey, both in general, and culinarily. If you call someone a turkey, it’s not a nice thing you’re saying. And people only think of eating turkey on the holidays… where in fact, turkey can be eaten with other things than mashed yams. So here’s some reasons to love The Noble Bird too:

Turkey’s are respectable: Benjamin Franklin, who proposed the turkey as the official United States’ bird, was dismayed when the bald eagle was chosen over the turkey. Franklin wrote to his daughter, referring to the eagle’s “bad moral character,” saying, “I wish the bald eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country! The turkey is a much more respectable bird, and withal a true original native of America.”

Eating turkey is good for you, and will make you slimmer, sharper eyed and more virile: Turkey is listed among the top 10 foods for your eyes because it’s rich in zinc (plus the B-vitamin niacin protects against cataracts). Turkey is a nutrient-dense, low-fat, high-protein food that is naturally low in sodium. A 3-ounce serving of roasted, skinless turkey breast contains 26 grams of protein, 45 milligrams of sodium, 1 gram of fat and only 120 calories. (…about that virility thing? I made it up… two out of three isn’t bad, right?)

Turkey’s are darn stylish: The costume that “Big Bird” wears on “Sesame Street” is rumored to be made of turkey feathers…

Turkey’s are lucky: You know what a “lucky break” is right? That saying comes from the custom of making a wish on the turkey’s wishbone–you get the larger end, and you get your wish. (ok, this tradition maybe isn’t so lucky for the turkey…)

Are you convinced that turkey has earned the Noble Bird moniker?

No quite?

I thought you might be a tough crowd. So my plan was to wow you with the best ever EVERY Turkey Pot Pie. I slaved over it for hours today, making a roux, making biscuits for the topping, browning bacon for the sauce, chopping dill, talking sweetly to the peas.

Wee little drop dumplings, ready to go into the oven.

Bubbly and hot after 30 min.

I do like saucy one bowl dishes…

Boy, did that hard work every NOT pay off.

I don’t know what’s wrong with this recipe, but this was NOT the King of all pot pies. This wasn’t even a minor earl. IT WAS NOT THE TURKEY’S FAULT. Don’t blame it on the bird. It was me.

So, I’m not going to post the recipe. You don’t want it. Even the photos aren’t as pretty as I wanted them to be…

But you’re saying “what about me? I want something yummy to drool over!” I understand… isn’t that what anyone wants out of a food blog? How about I promise to explain in my next blog, how his lovely flakey fruity fork of yumminess can be yours? Stay tuned…