I loooove lobster. Almost as much as I love champagne (and really, most sparkling wine). Which is why when Della was out of town last week, George showed up at our place with a really decent bottle of sparkling wine (Sumac Ridge Tribute) and 8 lobsters. mmmmmm. A kiss from Eva is a poor substitute for Della’s fiery hotness, but George was taking what he could get.

It just so happened Jim was making steak. It was a boys night, but I was invited (because I live here, and well, someone had to cook). So, steak (for the boys; I don’t eat four-legged beasts); lobster; sparkling wine; good company; happy times. Can’t really think of a more fitting celebration of National Lobster Day, can you?

the carnage

Of the eight lobsters, there remain four claws in my freezer from which to make lobster risotto. Which I fully intended to make for the blog but couldn’t, because I made seafood risotto on Friday night at Dea’s place, with B, P and JVC in attendance. I loooove risotto, but can’t really have it twice in a week.

The seafood risotto did include lobster tails, though.

Here’s how I made it:

I cooked two lobster tails in 8 C chicken stock (normally I use my own but in this case it was purchased) for 8 minutes and then shocked them in ice water. Then I sliced the lobster into chunks.

Then I peeled 1 1/2 lbs of fresh BC spot prawns, and put the shells into the stock along with a pinch of saffron and a bay leaf.  I cooked the stock on low heat until it turned a nice pinkish colour then pulled the prawn shells out and left the stock to simmer on very low heat.

lobster tails and spot prawn shells

I diced 4 ribs of celery and half of a sweet onion.  I minced 2 cloves of fresh BC garlic. I sautéed onions, celery and garlic over medium heat in about 2 T butter until translucent.

I added 1 1/2 C Arborio rice and continued cooking until the rice was translucent.

I deglazed the pan with about 2 C drinkable (but not expensive) white wine, and immediately turned the heat to medium low.  I stirred until the wine was absorbed into the rice.

Then I added the stock, a ladleful at a time, and stirred until each ladle was absorbed (but not until the rice was dry).

After about half an hour, I started tasting the rice for “done-ness” every 3-5 minutes. When the rice was almost done, I added in the (raw) prawns and the lobster, and continued to cook.

In the meantime, B. sautéed the scallops, gently searing each side.

Dea grilled the asparagus, but had to finish it in a pan (with a little of the scallop butter).

When the risotto tasted a little soft but still a teensy bit al dente (I like it with more “teeth” than Deanna does, but made it to her preference), I stirred in 1 C of pecorino romano cheese (because Deanna can’t eat dairy-based parmesan) and another 2 T of butter.  Then I salted and peppered to taste. At this point, we had about 2L of risotto.

We plated with the risotto on the bottom, topped by 2 scallops (local, fresh) per person and some asparagus. Oh, and sprinkled with some Italian parsley for a bite of fresh.

the finale

Did I mention I loooooove both lobster and sparkling wine?  Deanna provided a gorgeous sparkling pinot noir to accompany the risotto.

It was perfect.

xxx Eva

P.S. Thank you to Deanna for the gorgeous risotto pictures!
P.P.S. And just a gratuitous child shot (also compliments of Deanna)

for your viewing pleasure: a small, perfect child