Today is “Creative Ice Cream Flavour Day”.

Also, “National Gingersnap Day”.

On the topic of creative ice cream flavours, I’m pretty sure the women at Devour have it covered with their Strawberry Balsamic Ice Cream (mentioned yesterday by Dea in the great Ice Cream Soda / Float / “Spider” (thanks, Karen!) debate).

Nonetheless, my plan was a lovely mint and lemongrass ice cream.  I had yet to research a recipe but I was pretty sure I could do it.

Problem #1: I couldn’t find my ice cream maker.  Hmmm.  Jim and I live in an impossibly small space, and ice cream makers don’t just get up and walk away, do they?

Problem #2: Several Canada-Day-Eve drinks too many, including 2 bottles + 1 can of champagne.  Last night Della offered me her KitchenAid ice cream attachment. Excellent idea! I could throw it in the freezer when I got home, and make the ice cream this morning. Alas, thoughts of ice cream and ice cream makers dissolved into champagne bubbles (and discussions of world politics – nice combo).

So, here I sit, sans mint and lemongrass ice cream. Hmmm.  What to do now, but share some pictures I took at the Variety “Food Fight” the other day?  At least they’re entertaining, if a little egg-heavy (wait a sec – there are eggs in ice cream, aren’t there?). P.S. Sorry about the quality of the pictures.

From River Rock Casino (I will definitely go there for brunch!).  Recipe here:

My favourite entry. Prawn egg benedict with asparagus, truffle hollandaise, parmesan.

From Tigh-Na-Mara (the winner!). 2 items (recipe here):

The winner! Vanilla seared scallops on spinach salad. I found the vinaigrette a little sweet on its own, but eaten with the scallop it was a perfect bite.

Also the winner! Sweet potato waffle with gingered peaches. George had two helpings.

From YEW restaurant at the Four Seasons (the doughnut was criminally good):

A perfect bite of doughnutty goodness. With lavender marscapone cream. Divine.

Helloooo Chef! One of the best crab cake bennies I have EVER had.

From Lift Bar and Grill (a perfectly-executed hollandaise):

A quails egg benny bite with lovely hollandaise.

From O’Douls Restaurant (recipe here but I have to say this didn’t hold a candle to the crab cake benny from YEW):

Spot-prawn infused hollandaise. Might have been better warm but I think it was just poorly executed.

From Shangri-La (this was extremely meh. Like a total disappointment):

Scrambled eggs with crab and tomato. Scrambled eggs? That's the best you could do?

Have a great Canada Day!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a blog about Anisette (sort of)!

~ Eva