“Have Sauce, Will Travel”

Before I vanish into that other world for the rest of the week, I thought I would make a big rack of spareribs for the upcoming National Sparerib Day. Do you know that world of which I write? The one without high speed internet, digital cable (or regular cable) and other such luxuries. You will have to have an epicurean imagination as my cell phone is just that – a mobile phone. I can talk on it and D. just taught me how to text but I lack the ability to send photos. So before I disappear into the land of lakes, I’ll let you know what kind of spareribs I have on the go . . .

Spareribs are a particular cut of pork rib. You have your back ribs, and then there are baby back ribs (somewhat larger than back ribs) and finally there are spareribs. Spareribs are the larger cut taken from the “bottom” of the ribs of a piggy. Think of the ribs furthest away from the pig’s back or the ribs closest to it’s belly. You know – where bacon comes from!!!! If you would like a much more detailed explanation of the world of pork cuts follow the link from this pic:


I don’t usually buy spareribs as they are more expensive and come in a really large slab. However once I opened them up at home and I could see why they are so much nicer than regular back ribs. They are much thicker and meatier with more fat. The fat makes them perfect for slow roasting. After cruising the internet and my cookbooks for a rib recipe I had not tried, I decided to go with “Johnson’s Spareribs” from Epicurious.com. It appealed to me because of the lemony sauce with Tabasco and Cajun seasoning used as a rub. I don’t think I will put all 5 tablespoons of Tabasco in the sauce pot! Kids and all . . . could be a disaster!

I rubbed the Cajun seasoning into the ribs today and tomorrow I will cook them in the oven for about 2 hours, get packed up and then take them to the lake and finish them with the sauce on the barbeque. Don’t forget a case of mangoes for the lake!

I thought putting them on a layer of foil would help with a quick get away and then I could pack while they braised in the oven for 2 hours hours.

The very tangy, lemony sauce (with a stick of butter):

And now, this is where your imagination comes in. Imagine a large deck up in the poplar trees with the sounds of waves and kids yelling and people boating. A light breeze that only can be “the lake”. Imagine the smell of ribs sizzling on the barbeque with a tangy sauce being slathered all over them. A salad of garden greens, some roasted yams on the grill and a big loaf of garlic sourdough from the best bakery in Saskatoon. . . .

via Saskatchewan,

Eds: Via the wonder of text messaging, J was able to report that these ribs were “the best ever”. We have rib and cottage envy.