[Ed: It’s National French Fries Day and also National Wieners and Beans Day. Sarah, being a brave soul, is here to talk about both!]

French fries, French-fried potatoes , chips, freedom fries, kiwi fries, pommes frites, frites , no matter what they’re called, they are delicious and so bad for you! According to Wikipedia, the noble potato was first fried in Belgium in 1680 as a substitute for fish when the rivers were frozen over. Fried fish or fried potatoes? Potatoes please! Fries (or frites) are now the national snack of Belgium. I suspect they are also the national food of Ireland, perhaps unofficially though. I lived there for a few months in 2003 and worked at an Italian deli that sold French fries with everything. Pizza and chips. Panini and chips. We went through a LOT of potatoes. [Ed: And Fanta. Drank a lot of orange fanta!]

I admit, I love French fries. I would eat them everyday if I could. For a couple of years I thought my addiction was so bad I swore off fries for six months. The first time I did it, I survived. The second time though, I got very bitter and angry. I think I lasted two months. And the first time I ate fries after the hiatus, I felt *awful* afterward! It made me realize just how terrible these things were for you. But, that awful feeling goes away by the third or fourth time you eat them. And the cycle continues .

I did not attempt to cook French fries myself for this blog. That would be a disaster in the making. Instead, I thought I would cook the much-better-for-you Franks n Beans! This recipe comes from my partner’s younger sister Amy. In her words “it’s not white trash at all. It’s delicious!”. Having spent three of my formative years living in a trailer, I’m intimately familiar with white trash and this ain’t it.

Here’s what you need:

One tin Amy organic brown beans
Two or three Freybe Chicken and Turkey Smokie Sausages
One or two sliced tomatoes

Heat the tin of beans in a saucepan and slice sausages into pan. Heat through. Garnish with tomatoes and enjoy! Hearty, filling, and quite yummy! [Ed – Sarah also notes these can be called “Beanies and Wienies” which we find quite funny!]