We went for a picnic in the middle of June. I keep forgetting that June is still “winter” in Vancouver. Sigh.

What follows is a photo essay of our picnic. It was one of those “Vancouver” cloudy days – when the sun was out, it was gorgeous; when the sun was covered by clouds, it was cold and blustery (Jim called it a “Winnie the Pooh blustery day”).

Not like today. Today is the PERFECT day for a summer picnic!

But, back to our June picnic. As much as I’m a foodie, I like simple picnic stuff: hot dogs and sausages, popcorn and chips, some beer. I don’t even particularly like potato salad at a picnic. It gets all “iffy” when it’s out of the fridge too long and makes me nervous.

So, we had Spelumbos chicken apple sausages and mustard, my niece had hot dogs, and we had chips and popcorn. At least the clouds kept the crowds away. All in all, a perfect picnic day.

xx Eva

Auntie and the girls



napping 2


auntie's popcorn

playing in the sand

maybe sand is fun after all