Today is a great day to celebrate Sundaes. It’s the kind of brilliantly hot day that (if taken advantage of) can feel like an entire summer inside 24 hours. So, some friends and I have taken this opportunity to camp at a nearby lake and bask in the sun on inflatable devices with beers in hand.

The camping invite came last minute, and I had planned to celebrate Sundaes in the city, but I was loathe to pass up such a perfect opportunity to float. Fortunately I live in a day and age where people such as myself can “telecommute”. I’m typing on my BF’s bluetooth keyboard into my iphone. I’m still agog that such things are possible.

Unfortunately my ability to technically execute a Sundae in the middle of nowhere is not as impressive. Upon our arrival last night my ice cream had melted and certain restrictions made it difficult to make my hot fudge hot. So we ate soft, melty ice cream with chocolate syrup, and nobody seemed to mind. My gracious friends made comments such as “I love soft-serve!” and “This is like the best part of a Blizzard!”

Since I can’t demonstrate a fabulous sundae I will at least give you some trivia about the dish’s origins. It was invented in the late 1880’s or early 1890’s in America during a time when “Blue Laws” placed a lot of restrictions on what a person could do, eat and drink on the Sabbath. Carbonated beverages were forbidden, so “Pop Shops” looked for an alternative product to draw business on Sundays. The syrup-topped ice cream treat was a big hit and quickly became a profitable dish all week long despite its loss-leader beginnings.

Today’s star, the Hot Fudge Sundae, is my personal favorite, though truth be told I’m not that fond of Sundaes. Still, it’s hard to deny the pleasure of silky hot fudge contrasted against creamy cold ice cream. Even McD’s can produce an enjoyable version. I have fond memories of guiding the round tip of the flimsy plastic spoon along the grooves of the plastic cup, trying to scrape up every last bit of sticky fudge sauce.

So, wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying this blissful July weekend, and if Sundaes are your cup of tea, I hope you’ll feel decadent enough to eat one.

Happy Sunday!

~ Sage