It’s National Rootbeer Float Day. If you’re a regular reader of 365foods, you’ll recall that Eva already thoroughly canvased the evils of ice cream floats, and I tried to rebut. Regular readers will also know that my ability to truly do some gastronomic research on ice-cream floats is impaired because I don’t eat cow dairy…. yup, ice cream is on my shit list.

So why am I blogging about ice cream floats, again? Well I’m not really. I’m playing a little game of switcheroo on you. I’m using this soapbox to spread the word about something wonderful I’ve found of late- vegan ice cream that’s NOT SOY. When I gave up dairy, I tried soy ice creams. They taste like dirt. Or beans. Or dirty beans. Yick. But let me introduce to you Coconut Bliss. It’s ice cream made with coconut milk! It’s delicious and creamy and makes me very happy. In particular, the chocolate hazelnut fudge tastes 98% like real ice cream. To quote my friend Anne: “It’s a Christmas Miracle!”

If you’re in Victoria, you can pick up Coconut Bliss at the Yates Street Market, or at Planet Organic.

Just a word of caution: just becuase it is vegan, doesn’t make it healthy. Yes, that’s 14 grams of fat in a 1/2 cup. Be gentle!

Lastly, through bad planning on my part, I have not yet tried to float coconut bliss in rootbeer. Not sure that will happen today, given I am getting a hair cut and color, and them my Wine Club is convening in the park to watch Edward ScissorHands on the big outdoor screen for the B Movie Film Festival. I’m sure you’ll understand how I might have to prioritize watching Johnny Depp over a rootbeer float…