To be completely honest, I was not inspired by raspberries in cream. I mean, it’s kind of boring, isn’t it? I wondered if I could have some sort of raspberry drink last night after work, but alas, the English-styled pub we went to was fresh out of raspberry drinks.  Hmmm.

Then I thought, I just went to Texas. Didn’t I take pictures of some food in Texas? We checked out Fearing’s restaurant in Dallas,

The complimentary amuse-bouche. A cold cauliflower soup. Quite good.

because I saw a show about Dean Fearing on the Food Network.  I thought it seemed like a good idea, but it was overpriced for what we had. I think we’re spoiled by the incredible wealth of good food right here on the west coast of Canada.

Grade ‘A’ Big Eye Tuna Sampler: the sashimi was good but the roll was deep-fried and oily.

While in Texas, however, we did go to a lovely little “Tex-Mex” cafe in San Angelo called Armenta’s. San Angelo is the armpit of nowhere, but it’s a really nice little town, and the rumour about Texans is true: they are the friendliest people in the world.The food at Armenta’s was precisely what you would expect from Tex-Mex: it tasted good and was covered in cheese.


So, after mulling over Texas’s dining adventures, including an unfortunate trip to some crappy chain restaurant that I refused to take a picture of, I concluded that I couldn’t blog about Texas. So, what to talk about?


Recently, I cooked some of Bobby Flay’s Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Grilled Cornmeal Cakes and Green Onion Vinaigrette.  Now those I would recommend. Even the cornmeal cakes, but halve the recipe.  Oh, and put like a quarter of the oil in the Green Onion Vinaigrette: I don’t care whose rule it offends; it doesn’t need to be that oily!

The Green Onion Vinaigrette was exceptional. I ate it on everything for a few days.

But really, this blog is supposed to be about raspberries, isn’t it?

I don’t know. I’m just not inspired. I’m going to have to think about it and get back to you.

~ Eva