I think I just made a raspberry pie for National Raspberry Tart Day….awkward.

Do you know, exactly, makes a tart a tart and a pie a pie? I know don’t.

What, you want me to look on the internet? But there’s all sorts of loons and crazies on the internet.

Oh, good point: I’m on the internet.


I guess the pot can’t call the kettle black.

Dear Internet: What’s the difference between a pie and a tart?

A#1: Pie: A baked food composed of a pastry shell filled with fruit, meat, cheese, or other ingredients, and usually covered with a pastry crust. Tart: a small open pie with a fruit or custard filling

A#2: A pie is something you throw in someone’s face to get a laugh. A tart is something that your best friend usually dates.

A#3: Citrus! You can have cream pies with no cover, you can have tarts with covers. Pie is designed to be sweet or savory in nature. Tarts are designed to have a tang to them.

A#4: A Tart is very similar to a pie in that it has a pastry dough bottom and a filling. Both can be single- or double-crusted. Often, tarts are thinner than pies.

So to recap: Tarts are smaller than average, thin, flirty, and have a little bite to them. In other words, if what you’re eating reminds you of Eva, it’s a tart. 🙂 Otherwise, assume it’s a pie.

Gosh that internet is smart.

For National Raspberry Tart Day, I made this recipe for Brown Butter Raspberry Tart – a recipe that has 4 forks rating and 92% approval rating on epicurious. I was curious about using browned butter in a dessert – I associate browned butter as a key ingredient in savory dishes. But the website promised that “Brown butter gives depth of flavor to the berry filling.” So I gave the filling a go (I opted to bake it in a pre-made crust …. shhhhh, lets keep that our little secret, ok?)

I would only give this recipe a tepid review. It sets up nicely, and the sweet buttery filling contrasts nicely with the tart berries. But I would recommend the following changes:
(1) add some spice – nutmeg I think would be nice, maybe cinnamon, or orange blossom water?
(2) cook with more berries – the recipe calls for a single layer (notice my nice neat concentric circles?) … forget that, dump them on in there.
(3) cut the butter by a 1/3 … it was verging on greasy, in my opinion.

Happy day, my dear tarts,