I came.

I ate.

I forgot my camera.


Well dear readers, I was looking forward to presenting you a photo montage of excellent bratwurst in it’s natural environment. But I forgot my camera, and now will have to rely on my words to let you in on my little adventure.

I ordered the Bratwurst plate, which came with a green salad (forgettable), saurkraut, two potato pancakes topped with apple sauce and a big link of bratwurst. The sausage was juicy, with a smooth texture and a really lovely sage spice. Ate it with a little hot mustard. The potato pancakes were thin, golden and crispy on the edges – in other words, perfect. In short, comfort food, if you happen to come from sturdy german peasant stock, or like your carbs and protein uncomplicated!

For a more comprehensive review of the Rathskeller, I will point you to this restaurant review, in which the owner’s reply displays rather… Teutonic sense of humor (or lack thereof). Yup, I had some genuine german cuisine today.



If you’re paying close attention, you’ll know that August 17 is National Vanilla Custard Day. But in keeping with our disillusionment with many of the deserts on this list, I’ve turned back the clock and am giving the nod to August 16th again: National Bratwurst Day… Mmm german sausage! It make my inner german peasant excited! And I’m not celebrating Bratwurst on my own. I’ve made plans to have lunch at an establishment which looks like this:


And is staffed with people like this:


And whose menu looks like this:


In other words, I feel I’m in excellent hands.

So, dear readers, check back here at the end of the work day, or tomorrow, to learn all about my bratwurst eating adventure. Maybe I’ll even get to try on a dirndl!!