So, today is both National Ice Cream Pie Day and National Soft Ice Cream Day. Me, I like ice cream. Right after my dear friend Tim revealed (to my horror) that he wasn’t gay (which meant that making out with him at a pub crawl was the very definition of faux pas), Timbits made me some home-made vanilla bean ice cream. To make me feel better for being such an ass.

We should all be blessed with such friends.

Nonetheless, I don’t make ice cream. So, since Timmy isn’t here, I decided to blog about national catfish month.

Except, if you recall, Della already did.

What to do?

Well, at least I made catfish. I picked this recipe (did you know there was a Canadian catfish institute?). Jim and I have not had a lot of catfish, to be honest. I looked for basa but there wasn’t any, so catfish it was.

So we made the recipe, except in the case of the catfish marinade, I:

(a)    added 1 T black vinegar (available at asian grocery stores);

(b)   used fresh ginger (1 tsp);

(c)    tripled the garlic.

the black vinegar is worth it

And then I added mint to the cucumber.

We served it with coconut rice, for a bit of starch.


All in all, it was … well … ok.

To be quite honest it was a bit greasy. I’m not entirely sure I like catfish, to be completely honest. I did like the cucumber salad. Especially with the mint.

Maybe I should have just had ice cream.

~ Eva