It’s apparently been one of those months. You know, we start the day with the best of intentions, and the blog doesn’t quite go up first thing in the morning.

I was dragonboating yesterday in Steveston (a festival that I will remember as the worst-organized in history). Our team did… okay. They’re a great crew; they tried hard, but I honestly think the disorganization of the festival got to them. Our last race was our best one – we finally pulled it together.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be talking about spongecake, aren’t I?

Spongecake seems so meh to me, that I decided to take a survey of my team to see how they felt about it. Grace said, "it reminds me of childhood". Apparently her mom made an awesome spongecake from scratch when she was a little girl. Grace said she hasn’t even thought of spongecake since childhood; her taste in cakes has evolved since then.

Lisa credited her mother-in-law with the best spongecake in the world, then went on to say that she doesn’t even bother with pastries because she can’t hold a candle to her mother-in-law.

Yvonne shamed me out of buying a spongecake. She described store-bought spongecake as "crap, with yellow food colouring". Hmmm.

So now I have to make a spongecake.

Which I will do, but I’ll have to tell you about it later.

I have to go to work first.

Stay tuned!

~ Eva