Well, as we gear up for my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday Pig Roast this long weekend, I thought I would share with you another “eat outside” experience we already had this summer. I am taking “national eat outside day” to also mean “Cook Outside Day” and as everyone knows everything tastes better when cooked with fire and then consumed quickly (outside) while it is still hot and steaming. I’m not sure why everything tastes better outside. Anyone have any answers? Maybe one is just ravenous after a day of hiking or canoeing, or perhaps our senses are heightened when in the great outdoors. Whatever it is, I have eaten pine needles that tasted divine when accidentally sprinkled over supper and I have enjoyed a can of Spam and melba toast scarfed back on a survival excursion that tasted like an Easter ham! Strange, but true.

This family vacation we visited my parents cabin at Shuswap Lake where their neighbour and good friend has a home made outdoor oven. I was very excited to fire that baby up! My hubby and I have plans to put in an outdoor oven on our patio “sometime” and we already have a perfect spot that doesn’t need to be renovated or built up to make it “fire proof” – we just need to remove an enormous six foot tall waterfall. So, needless to say, we had a good time with my parents baking up some goodies. That oven got very hot. Too bad we didn’t have some pizza ready while we waited for the temperature to come down to the 300-400F range to bake bread. Oh well . . . next summer!

In other news we introduced our friend’s kids to their first eating outside experience – S’mores! They loved them. It was so much fun and the mama bear and her two cubs decided to stay away so we could enjoy ourselves.

Enjoy the photos of our baked goods and I’ll try get around to posting pics of the Pig Roast this weekend.

via Saskatchewan,

Removing the fire and coals after the entire oven is hot.

Brought the risen bread over on the ATV.

Three years old is not old enough to play with fire!

This won’t hurt a bit, my pretties.

[Ed: Onion buns? ]

It’s hard to wait for them to cool….

We might have baked to keep us through the next few days, but the best part is trying something straight out of the oven!

Quite possibly the best cinnamon buns ever . . .