It’s the last long weekend of the summer.

Nobody wants to be inside reading a blog.

We get that.

But since a picture is worth a thousand words, we present to you this photo essay of some bee-you-ti-full cheese pizzas. And these beauties will stick in your mind, and in a few weeks or months when the weather turns cold, you’ll come back here and really absorb the pizza goodness. Enjoy.

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Still here?

Ok then, since you stuck it out we’ll divulge the details.

Here’s the pizza dough recipe. All great pizza’s start with a homemade dough.

One one pizza the toppings were friulano and prawns with fresh basil. The prawns were pre-cooked on the BBQ after being rubbed with garlic, salt and pepper.

On the other Mont St. Benoit brie, proscuitto and flatleaf parsley.

The friulano was “the best pizza of my life” (according to Janelle). Sadly the Mont. St. Benoit was too salty and didn’t melt well so wasn’t quite the show-stopper that the other pizza was.

And now that’s all we have to say about that for now. Go run and play outside.

~J & D

PS – in other gastronomic news, today we’re roasting a 1/2 a pig, like we talked about doing last year. Yum.