Cream filled donuts are one of my favourite things. Sweet donut-y pastry filled with delicious cream. The new cafe in the Fairmont Pacific in Vancouver has the most divine cream filled donuts I have ever encountered. Called a “Sugar Bun”, it looks like a big fat jelly donut but is filled with vanilla cream instead. Fabulous. I shudder to think of how many calories are in those suckers. I went there recently specifically to order one and take photos for today but they were all out. I should have guessed – they are THAT good that you need to go in the morning to be assured of scoring one. I then thought about attempting to make my own donuts but I couldn’t find a donut pan so I have one on order from the shop “Call the Kettle Black”. As soon as it comes in, I’ll bake some donuts and then cut them open to ‘fill’ with cream. I can’t wait! For those of you more adventurous with deep-frying at home than I (I’m looking at you Mr. Wiener Schnitzel), here is a link to Spiced Rum Cream Filled Donuts from my favourite baking blog Not So Humble Pie: